Welcome to Telekung Malika Rose! We aim to provide alternatives in prayer robe clothing which we have carefully designed, using selected fabrics with comfort and elegance in mind. The series we have, and plan to launch in the future, are inspired by important figures in our lives: our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends who are great influences and have played important roles in defining who we are. Hence, the collections we have are dedicated to these amazing female figures. Our first series, Telekung Wan Gayah Rose is extra special to us as this is dedicated to our late mom..may the Almighty Allah swt dwell her in Jannatul Firdaus.

We hope Telekung Malika Rose can offer you the best of comfort and elegance for prayer robes and in Shaa Allah in the future, we will be introducing modest clothing in our collection.

May Allah swt bless our journey in our 'telekung' venture and grant us all the very best in this life and in the hereafter. 

Telekung Malika Rose, complementing your Qibla.

“O, Children of Adam! Take care about your adornment, [regarding proper and clean garments] at every mosque [or place of worship].”Qur'an 7:31